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Find your next meeting place

Put multiple locations to work out the most equitable meeting spot.

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How it works

1. Enter your start location

Begin your journey towards finding the perfect meeting spot by entering your initial location. Whether you're planning a business meeting, a date, or any other gathering, this is your starting point. Our user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to input your location, ensuring that we have all the necessary information to calculate the most equitable central meeting point.

2. Add additional locations

Once you've entered your starting point, you can easily enhance your plan by adding additional locations. Whether you're coordinating with multiple participants or exploring various options, Meet Central allows you to input any number of locations. This flexibility ensures that you can account for everyone's preferences and convenience, making the process of finding the ideal meeting spot more inclusive and accommodating.

3. View your ideal meeting spot

After entering your locations, it's time to discover your ideal meeting spot. Meet Central's powerful algorithms will work their magic, determining the most fair and central location for your gathering. Our platform takes into account the geographical distribution of all specified points, guaranteeing that the chosen spot is accessible to everyone, minimizing travel time for all participants.

4. Move the icon to try new spots

Have the freedom to fine-tune your choice with Meet Central's interactive features. Once the central meeting point is determined, you can easily move the icon around the map to explore alternative options. This feature is especially handy if you want to experiment with different meeting spots or if you're looking for a location that suits specific preferences or activities. Meet Central empowers you with the flexibility to customize your meeting spot selection.

5. See the distance from every point

To make informed decisions, it's essential to know the distances between each point in your plan. Meet Central provides a comprehensive view of the distances from every location you've entered. This transparency ensures that you can assess travel times, evaluate convenience, and make well-informed choices about the meeting spot. Whether it's for efficiency in business meetings or ensuring a fair rendezvous point for friends and family, knowing the distances is key to successful planning.